t-t-f-n • 2019 Summer Interns

As the rush of summer wedding season ends, so does the 2019 Summer Internship Program. On behalf of the Jane Rae Event Team, I want to send a billion thank yous to our summer interns! You were apart of this company not only making it through another summer, but thriving in it. We watched you learn and grow in many areas of events and wish the absolute best for each and every one of you!

Now, let me share some thoughts from these girls about their internship at Jane Rae Events!


Madison Godschalk - aka Mad Dog - Summer Intern Lead

As Summer is winding down, I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences gained. With two summers here at Jane Rae under my belt, I can confidently say that I hope to establish a career somewhere in the event planning world! This summer was very different than my first because I got the opportunity to work right beside the in-house floral designer, Cam. In these last 3 months I’ve learned so much from her. Things like basic floral prep work, to putting together my own wedding centerpieces. A big thing Cam has taught me is that work can ALWAYS be fun!! No matter how stressful the weeks were with floral orders, Cam never complained (at least not to me haha). She always went above and beyond to make sure each wedding was perfect. With only a little over one week left before I head back to school, I am so grateful for the opportunities Katie and her team have given me over these last two summers. I am so sad to leave this summer and have to say goodbye to everyone’s beautiful face, but know that I will come back to visit whenever I can!


Mad Dog


Mariah Bleeker

My time at Jane Rae has come to an end and perhaps the most rewarding part has been this moment as I Iook back on everything that we accomplished as a team this summer. I had the opportunity to work on over 10 events, sit in on planning meetings, pack, setup, and tear down events, as well as assist with floral work. As I worked behind the scenes my appreciation for details grew.

Throughout my entire internship the passion that Katie, Rachel, and Ashley have for Jane Rae and the people they serve radiated. They used every opportunity to teach and encourage me as an intern and I will forever look back positively on my time and growth as an individual with Jane Rae.


Alissa Byrd

Throughout this internship, I have learned what really creates a wedding. From behind the scenes to the day of set-up. It’s amazing how greenery can really bring everything to life. I have overseen the process of booking brides and then watching their visions come to life. My favorite thing would be, day of coordination. Witnessing the day unfold and seeing how impressed the couple and all their guests are with all the arrangements and decorations!


Lucy Moore

• Professionalism is key

• Connecting and building good relationships with other vendors/business is

good for business and referrals

• Be adaptive to your surroundings while working


Lexi Saugstad

Over the course of the summer I have gained insight to the events industry by interning

with Jane Rae Events. My three main takeaways from my experiences this summer are: to be

proactive, be confident and details, details, details!

Being proactive means planning for all possible scenarios. Be prepared to handle

situations and set yourself up for success. In order to do so, you must pay attention to details,

react well under pressure, and be mentally tough. As an event approaches, it is important to have

a timeline and proper coordination plans set in place. It is important to note that no matter how

prepared you are, there are bound to be hiccups. Doing your homework and being proactive will

help you have a better chance of handling any issues that may occur with grace.

While working at events this summer, I have learned the importance of being confident.

As an event planner, people come to you with all sorts of questions and concerns. Responding to

them with poise, confidence and clarity will ensure them that you will handle any issues. Being

confident will help others be able to enjoy a memorable day with people they love.

Paying attention to details is crucial when working events. Throughout this summer I

have learned to never assume that something is packed, or something has been prepared by

someone else. If there is ever a small doubt in your mind it is important to double check and be

100% sure about it. Paying attention to details will help the event go much more smoothly and

create a positive experience for everyone involved.

SUMMER 2019 interns.jpg

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being apart of our team.



p.s. #packunpackrepeat

Katie Murphy