Puppy Love

How many people have a dog that they come home to everyday? A dog that spends all day waiting for you to come home, only to almost run you over in attempt to say hello when you walk through the door. When you think about it, your dog is with you more than most people who you may consider to be your closest friends. You always hear people say “dogs are a part of your family”, and I couldn't agree more! Personally, I have two dogs Chewy and Oscar, and I most definitely consider them to be a part of the family. On your wedding day you are going to invite all of the people that are closest to you like your friends, and family. Today I will tell you how even your dogs can be with you on your special day!

The Proposal

If you don’t want your dog directly involved at your wedding, there are plenty of other ways you can incorporate them. You can have your dog involved from the very beginning stages of planning for your wedding. First comes the proposal. This is the special moment where it all starts, so why not have your best friend help you out! Some clever ways of having your dog in the proposal are:

  1. Attach the engagement ring to your pet and have them come in. 

  2. Have them holding a sign stating “marry me?”

  3. Have “marry me?” written on their collar

  4. Paint “marry me?” on their skin/coat. 

  5. Simply have your dog present to make the moment even more special


Engagement Announcement/ Save the Dates

Another simple and easy way to have your dog in your wedding, but not directly is having them in your engagement announcement and save the dates. Having them on stationary or photos you send out is a very easy and simple way to get them involved. This is simple because you can have them holding a sign with your wedding date or just standing next to you while you are posing at your photo shoot. Dogs tend to be very photogenic and can be the perfect add-on to spice up your engagement announcement.


Wedding Ceremony

Incorporating dogs in the wedding ceremony is a trend that we are seeing a lot more in weddings nowadays. There are some easy ways that you can have your dog present at your ceremony. You can have your dog be in charge of keeping the rings by tying a ring bear pillow to their back. Having your dog wear a cute flower collar or carrying a basket of petals is a good way of having them step in for the flower girl. Another way to have your dog included in the ceremony is by having them walk down the aisle with you and sit at your feet while the ceremony commences. Check out these cute pups walk down the the flower girls at a wedding we were honored to be a part of last summer!!


If you wanted to have your dog at your wedding, but sadly were not able to physically have them attend. You can incorporate their presence in the form of decorations. This can be done in many ways, but some simple ones are putting their pictures on the napkins or even table markers. Another fun but subtle way to have your dogs at your wedding is to get a customized cake topper that displays your pups and you. Another fun way for your guests to enjoy your furry friends is to get a cardboard cut outs of your pets for your photo booth.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 3.10.53 PM.png

Just as it means a lot to have your furry best friend by your side at your wedding, it means even more to them to be able to share this special experience with their owners.



aka Maddog

Katie Murphy