Being the Best Guest

It’s here! Wedding season is officially upon us, and if you are like most people in the summer you probably have a wedding to attend. While being invited to someone’s wedding might seem like a small gesture it is actually pretty significant. Two people are celebrating a huge moment in their lives and they want you to be there to help them celebrate. So let me help you get ready to be the BEST guest there.


The start to being a great guest occurs before the wedding day even arrives! Please, please, please RSVP. Letting the couple know that you will or will not be there is very important. It saves them time from having to track you down as the day gets closer. It also allows them to accurately account for how much food and beverage they need for the day. They will appreciate it, I promise.

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Dress to Impress

For the average person, there are very few times that we are actually expected to dress up. But going to a wedding should be one of them. Someone put a lot of effort into making the ceremony and reception look nice and you should look nice too. Sometimes the wedding invitation will outline the dress code for the day, i.e. black tie; semi-formal; or casual; but if it doesn’t explicitly provide you with a dress code, it is always safe to assume that the attire should be semi-formal. For men this means either a suit and tie or dress pants and a nice shirt and tie. For women this means either a dress/skirt or a nice jumpsuit. Do not feel like you have to go out and buy something but do put a little more extra into your outfit for the wedding than you would on a normal day.


Bring a Gift or Card

You certainly don’t have to bring anything exorbitant, but you are celebrating them so bring a little something.If you bring a gift use the registry. While personalized gifts can be fun if you really know the person, sometimes those things will end up not being used by the bride and groom. The couple has already done the work for you and created a list of things they want or need as they start their life together so use that as your guide. If you really want to personalize then get something off of their registry and add a few personal touches like a recipe card with new mixing bowls or a bottle of wine and pasta sauce with new pots and pans. And a bonus reminder: put your name on the gift so that the couple knows who to address the thank you to. :)


Put Your Phone Away

While this is especially important during the ceremony, it is really a good rule of thumb for the entire day. Be present with the people around you and just soak up the day. The wedding day is full of special moments and you don’t want to miss any of them because you are texting or playing candy crush. You also don’t want to be that guest in the photographers candid shots that always has their phone in hand.

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Have Fun!!

This one should be a no brainer, but the couple has planned every detail of their day not just for them but also for their guests. They will want to know that their guests are having a good time, so if they have lawn games maybe play a few rounds of bean bags and if they have a dance try and get out there to show off your moves! Enjoy the little extras that they have planned for you because they will be thankful.

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Have Fun…But Not Too Much Fun

You don’t want to be miserable the next day, so if you are at a wedding with alcohol try and take it easy while you enjoy yourself. If you are crushing it on the dance floor you should definitely stop and rehydrate (with water) every once in a while. You don’t want to be the guest that everyone is asking about after the wedding because you were a little out of control. So have fun and be safe.


Weddings are a celebration and if you are a guest that means someone wanted you to be a part of one of the biggest celebrations of their life. So enjoy the day, have fun and party hard! (Just not too hard) :)


Ashley Maturan

Katie Murphy