You Look 'Mauve'elous Darling!

Trends. They come and they go, there are some good and some bad. One of our jobs here at Jane Rae is to stay on top of trends so that we can help our brides come up with fun and unique ways of expressing themselves on their wedding day.

A huge part of a wedding day theme/feel is color and we have seen it all! But I am here today to tell you about the return of a slightly unexpected color...MAUVE! Yes. You heard me right! When I told my mom that mauve was coming back she responded with, “Really? Like the old lady color?” And I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a similar reaction when I first heard about it. But since diving into all of the different ways to incorporate mauve, I have wholeheartedly changed my mind. I hope that this color is here to stay because it is gorgeous!

So if you also jump to this image when you think of mauve…


Allow me a chance to change your mind about this once outdated color. I fully believe you will be looking to incorporate mauve into your wedding and  other areas of your life in no time!

Theses  mauve bridesmaids dress would look amazing on anyone! The color is soft but not so soft that it washes anyone out. It pulls colors near it, so would look good with pink or purple shades.


Another great way to pull in that amazing mauve color is in your florals. As an accent color it can be paired with so many other things. Here are just a few centerpieces that we currently have in the studio!


So whether your theme for your wedding day is rustic, romantic or shabby chic, you can make mauve work for you. And if you need some ideas, our team at Jane Rae is always ready with fun and unique ideas created just for you!


Ashley Maturan

Katie Murphy